The deconstruction of the Champlain Bridge gives JCCBI a unique opportunity to implement and applied Research and Development program. The lessons learned from this research will let us develop innovative techniques and improve the longevity of the infrastructure under our responsibility.

JCCBI has selected 10 research projects which will significantly advance our knowledge about infrastructure performance and sustainability. This research program will be carried out with different Canadian research entities.

Researchers started their work

Following the deconstruction of the abutment and the two spans on the Île des Soeurs, different components such as concrete panels, bearings and girders have been given to the groups participating in the Research and Development program.

 Other parts of the original Champlain Bridge will be removed depending on the progress of the work and the overall project schedule.


Improvement of the Hysteretic Behavior of the Fretted Elastomeric Bearings for Seismic Isolation of Bridges

This research project aims to study different methods to improve the damping rate of the fretted bearings in an efficient, economical, and environmentally safe manner.


Evaluation of the Performance of CFRP Reinforcements and Development of a Model to Predict their Lifetime

This research project aims to assess the performance of elements of the original Champlain Bridge strengthened using carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) during the bridge’s activity period.


Advanced Techniques for Condition Assessment of Champlain Bridge After 57 Years in Service

This research project aims to investigate the correlation of damage data gathered at the material scale with the overall performance of aging structural members.


Assessment of Corrosion and Evaluation of the Degree and Distribution of Corrosion on Response of Girders

This research project aims to study the initiation of the corrosion in the cables and the sensitivity of the girders performance to the degree of corrosion.


Evaluation of the Real Condition and Mechanical Performance and Durability of Concrete Elements of the Champlain Bridge

This research project aims to study the influence of exposure conditions on the causes, extent and mechanisms of degradation observed on different types of concrete elements.