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As a main gateway to the city, the Bonaventure sector has a vital economic importance for Montreal. It includes the federal section of the Bonaventure Expressway as well as the Clement Bridge.

In a nutshell
In a nutshell

Opening of the Bonaventure Expressway: 1967

  • 3 lanes towards Montreal
  • 3 lanes towards Samuel-De Champlain Bridge / A-15 N. | A-20 W.
  • Speed limited to 70 km/h along the Hwy.


Trucks restrictions
  • A maximum height of 4.4 m. to drive under the Victoria Bridge
  • Any non-standard dimensions must be submitted to PJCCI
Technical data

Total length of the Bonaventure Expressway: 4.5 km

  • This elevated section of the expressway starts over the Peel Basin of the Lachine Canal and ends at the Victoria Bridge
  • Total length: 1.135 m
  • This section starts west of the Victoria Bridge, runs along the St. Lawrence River, and ends before the Clément Bridge
  • Total length: 1.111 m
  • This section extends from Exit 4 to the north end of Gaétan-Laberge Boulevard
  • Total length: 1.562 m *including the federal section of Gaétan-Laberge blvd
  • This section consists of the Clément Bridge and the S viaduct. It also includes two other viaducts on île des Soeurs
  • Length: 708 m
Technical data
Clément Bridge
  • Built in 1966, the Clément Bridge connects to the Bonaventure Expressway from île des Soeurs and the Samuel De Champlain Bridge
  • This structure has eight spans, each consisting of thirteen precast prestressed concrete beams
  • Its total length is 332.4 m, its width is approximately 20.5 m, and it has two traffic lanes in each direction
Clément Bridge
Île des Sœurs Bypass Bridge
  • Opened to traffic in 2014.
  • This temporary structure was used as a detour while the new Île des Sœurs Bridge was being built for the construction of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge.
  • Disconnected from the road network in 2018, the bridge is now being deconstructed.

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Road Traffic
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Work advisories

From November 16, 2023 to December 31, 2024
Deconstruction of the Île des Sœurs Bypass Bridge
From April 11 to December 31 , 2024
Bonaventure Expy. | Work in the Bonaventure Expressway sector: May to December 2024
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