Research project 6

Critical Analysis and Performance Monitoring of Surface Repairs of Concrete Elements

This research project aims to quantify the performance levels of surface repairs implemented on the Champlain Bridge elements after several years of service. Concrete surface repairs are applied to restore concrete elements affected by rebar corrosion, cracking and chipping by freeze-thaw cycles and de-icing salts.

This project will provide JCCBI with recommendations on appropriate materials and processing techniques to ensure effective and durable surface repairs.

More information about the project


  • Measure the performance of surface repairs in terms of adhesion, cracking, durability
  • Study the parameters influencing the long-term durability of repair methods and assess their expected lifespan
  • Recommend an optimized surface repair approach based on specific needs


  • 42 months (the project started on February 26, 2020)

Bridge elements

  • Location: approach span (reinforced concrete structure)
  • Element type: edge girder, intermediate slabs, pier sections and cantilever parts of a cap beam
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