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Research project 3

Advanced Techniques for Condition Assessment of Champlain Bridge After 57 Years in Service

Photo. Delamination of a pier

This project aims to investigate the correlation of damage data gathered at the material scale with the overall performance of aging structural members.

This study will provide JCCBI with testing and analytical tools to quantitatively assess the state of deterioration and structural integrity of members because of damage induced by reinforcement corrosion, freeze/thaw cycles and alkali-aggregate reaction.

More information about the project


  • Assess the actual condition of bridge components
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of multiple rehabilitation strategies after a period of several years
  • Develop a management framework for other similar structures


  • 36 months following access to the parts of the bridge (the project started on February 2020)


  • Location: approach span (reinforced concrete structure)
  • Element type: edge girders, intermediate girders, pier sections, pier cap sections, infill slabs and intermediate diaphragms.
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