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Research project 5

Evaluation of the Real Condition and Mechanical Performance and Durability of Concrete Elements of the Champlain Bridge

This research project aims to study the influence of exposure conditions on the causes, extent and mechanisms of degradation observed on different types of concrete elements.

The results of this project will allow JCCBI to better anticipate the operational, budgetary and security consequences.

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  • Establish the correlation between the visual signs of degradation in different structural elements and their actual level of damage
  • Evaluate the future potential behavior of the structural elements facing pathologies such as alkali-aggregate reaction and corrosion
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of some surface treatments to slow down the progression of concrete damage


  • 4 years (the project started on March, 2020)


  • Location: approach span (reinforced concrete structure)
  • Element type: edge girder, intermediate girder, intermediate slabs, pier sections and pier cap
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