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Deconstruction of the bridge, which had reached the end of its service life, started in summer 2020 and will continue until January 2024.

The original Champlain Bridge deconstruction is the largest project in JCCBI’s history and is a unique project for Quebec. Its overall $400M envelope includes:

  • Deconstruction work at a cost of $225.7M 
  • Environmental protection measures 
  • Material reuse and Research & Development programs 
  • Redevelopment of the shoreline at the end of the project  

The deconstruction work is being carried out by the Nouvel Horizon Saint-Laurent (NHSL) group formed by Pomerleau Inc. and Delsan-A.I.M. Environmental Services Inc.  

Main project stages

June 2

Second virtual meeting with the residents of Île des Soeurs and Brossard

June 1

Work on Île des Sœurs and the jetty: complete deconstruction of piers, spans and abutment  

Marine work: 

Preparatory work to take down suspended span over the seaway 

Construction of temporary jetty built along the seaway dike  

Construction of the temporary jetty in Brossard (phase 2) 

October 29

First virtual meeting with the residents of Brossard

October 20

First virtual meeting with the residents of Île des Soeurs

June 26

Design-build contract awarded to NHSL for the deconstruction work

March 5

NHSL chosen as the successful tenderer for the deconstruction work


Start of work on Île des Sœurs:

Construction of temporary jetties on Île des Soeurs and in Brossard (phase 1) 

Start of the fish habitat compensation project in Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola in partnership with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC)


Guided tours of the Champlain Bridge in partnership with Héritage Montréal

Publication of the Targeted Environmental Analysis (TEA)


Commissioning of the new Samuel De Champlain Bridge, which opened partially toward Montreal on June 24, 2019 and then in both directions on July 1, 2019.

Decommissioning of the Champlain Bridge


Start of public meetings

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