Research project 8

Experimental and Design Guidelines for Repair and Strengthening of JCCBI Steel Bridges using Externally Bonded Lightweight High Modulus Carbon-FRP (HM-CFRP) Plates

This research project investigates the development of innovative, durable and cost-effective reinforcement solutions for steel bridges using high modulus CFRPs. This study will provide JCCBI with guidelines on the application of this technique under different environmental conditions to improve the performance of corroded steel bridges and increase their lifetime.

More information about the project


  • Examine the feasibility and efficiency of using HM-CFRP for strengthening/repair of steel bridges
  • Develop analytical models to estimate the service life of the steel elements strengthened with HM-CFRP composites
  • Develop a guideline for durable installation of HM-CFRP in the field


  • 4 years (the project started on February 17, 2020)

Bridge elements

  • Location: Main span (Steel section)
  • Element type: Gusset steel plates, Truss members and bracing
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