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The Bonaventure Expressway is a key corridor between downtown and the Samuel De Champlain Bridge, one of the main gateways to Montreal. This corridor is also located in exceptional geography along the St. Lawrence River.

(Relocation of the lanes to the north to free up space along the shoreline)

Built in 1966, the Bonaventure Expressway has reached the end of its service life and must be rebuilt. JCCBI has managed this infrastructure since 1978 and wants to use this opportunity to reconfigure and enhance the area to benefit the community.

Reconfiguring the Bonaventure Expressway into a boulevard

JCCBI has been working on the plan to reconfigure the Bonaventure Expressway into a boulevard, in collaboration with the Ville de Montréal, since 2016. To free up space along the shoreline to develop the green corridor, the project will move the traffic lanes slightly north (thus overlapping with Carrie-Derick Street which will be eliminated).

Green corridor | Greening of the sector and development of active mobility features
(Shoreline development: greening of the sector and development of active mobility features)
Project timeline
  • 2024: Preparatory work to stabilize the shoreline between the Clément Bridge and Victoria Bridge (limited impacts on traffic).
  • 2025 – 2029: Reconstruction of traffic lanes and green corridor development.
Main benefits for the sector
  • Development of active mobility features with bicycle and pedestrian lanes created along the shoreline.
  • Maintenance of a fluid corridor to and from the Port of Montreal.
  • Beautification and greening of the sector to give residents access closer to the river.

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Work advisories

From November 16, 2023 to December 31, 2024
Deconstruction of the Île des Sœurs Bypass Bridge
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