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Research project 7

Assessment of the Residual Capacity of the Intermediate Slabs and Reinforcement with Ultra-High Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC)

The potential of UHPFRC strengthening on real structures is still unknown. In this study, the damaged structural elements would be repaired and reinforced using UHPFRC to assess its effectiveness in a realistic context.

This project will provide a validated assessment methodology for the residual capacity of individual components and the complete bridge deck, as well as a strengthening technique with extended durability.

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  • Determine the level of corrosion on intermediate slabs
  • Estimate the residual capacity of the slabs theoretically and experimentally
  • Evaluate the flexural and shear reinforcement obtained from the repaired slabs using UHPFRC without extra thickness
  • Provide a complete procedure for the evaluation of residual capacity and for the reinforcement of structures damaged by corrosion
  • Validate the equations in the Swiss standard for concrete sections repaired with UHPFRC


  • 3 years (the project started on March, 2020)

Bridge elements

  • Location: approach span (reinforced concrete structure) near Île des Soeurs 
  • Element type: 10 intermediate slabs of the deck 
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