Research project 1

Improvement of the Hysteretic Behavior of the Fretted Elastomeric Bearings for Seismic Isolation of Bridges

Seismic base isolation with fretted bearings is an appropriate solution for most structures in zones with a moderate level of seismicity, like most regions of Quebec. However, the inherent damping rate in fretted bearings is very limited (around 5%). Therefore, this research project aims to study different methods to improve the damping rate of the fretted bearings in an efficient, economical, and environmentally safe manner.

More information about the project


  • Evaluate the hysteretic characteristics of ordinary fretted bearings utilized in the Champlain Bridge
  • Develop alternatives to improve the damping rate of the fretted supports and validate numerically and experimentally


  • 40 months (the project started on January 19, 2021)


  • Location: approach span (reinforced concrete structure)
  • Element type: fretted bearings at abutments and piers
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