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Research project 9

Study of the Compressive Strength of Steel Truss Bridges Made of Assembled Parts

This project aims to carry out a complete investigation of the painting system used on the Champlain Bridge to assess its performance in corrosion prevention under different climatic conditions. This study would provide recommendations to increase the service life of the paint and prevent its premature failure

More information about the project


  • Identify the failure mechanism of the current coating system
  • Study the effects of the coatings age in terms of quality of original application and long-term deterioration
  • Investigate the correlation of the bridge exposure environment to the damage profile of painting
  • Provide a guide of best maintenance practices applicable for other steel bridges


  • 3 years (The project started on February 26, 2020)

Bridge elements

  • Location: Main span (Steel section)
  • Element type: Vertical and diagonal steel member
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