More than 40 years of engineering innovation

For more that 40 years, JCCBI has developed innovative solutions and its history is punctuated by several great achievements, overseen by our experts. The interactive timeline below summarizes some of them! Discover them!

1998 – Ice storm

A few days after the ice storm started, the weather forced JCCBI to close the Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges for 3 days to conduct emergency ice-breaking operations. After several attempts to remove the ice, the team was finally successful thanks to the ingenious solution of using a vibrating plate on the steel trusses. This innovative solution let the team quickly and safely remove the ice from both bridges. JCCBI overcame this incredible challenge in the midst of difficult weather conditions and despite limited resources in power, equipment, materials and labour.

Transfer of the Honoré Mercier Bridge and Melocheville Tunnel

The Honoré Mercier Bridge and Melocheville Tunnel haven’t always been under the responsibility of JCCBI. Before that, they belonged to the St. Lawrence Seaway Authority, whose mission since 1954 had been to build and operate a deep draft waterway between the Port of Montreal and Lake Erie and manage other seaway facilities and properties.  Learn More


Deck replacement on the Jacques Cartier Bridge

This first design-build project conducted in Canada on existing infrastructure won the Design Award from the Precast/Prestressed Concrete Institute for Best Rehabilitated Bridge in North America.

JCCBI on its structures in 2002 started working with Falcon Environmental Services (FES). FES has been providing falcon consultation and management services in cities for over 25 years. JCCBI set up the most measures to help these birds, such as installing nesting boxes, regularly tracking them, or even applying custom solutions. Get a peek inside a peregrine falcon nest!