JCCBI launches its new employer brand: WE CONNECT --- OUR COMMUNITY
March 15, 2024 The Corporation

The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) is proud to launch its new employer-brand identity and slogan: “WE CONNECT — OUR COMMUNITY.” These connections join one side of the Island to the other, promote human and economic activity in the greater metropolitan area, and unite JCCBI experts with each other and the community.

JCCBI’s new brand identity aims to increase awareness about the organization as an employer of choice in Greater Montréal and attract the most talented people who share its values and mission. We invite you to watch the video presenting our new employer brand.

This new brand identity was developed with JCCBI staff members, who will help to actively promote this new signature as ambassadors.

Bridge your career

The campaign’s call to action is “BRIDGE — YOUR CAREER.” Its high-contrast visuals showcase the structures that JCCBI manages, maintains and repairs and feature the faces of our proud team members and ambassadors.

JCCBI is an essential social contributor to urban mobility. As a federal Crown corporation, JCCBI offers excellent working conditions and a stimulating and rewarding professional environment. It is committed to workplace equity, diversity, and wellness and organizes social activities for its community.

JCCBI invites all interested job seekers to visit the organization’s Careers page to view the available jobs and submit their application online right now: bridgeyourcareer.ca

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