Active Mobility and Green Corridor

The boulevard will have a green corridor with features that give people a closer access to the St. Lawrence River. It will also include dedicated active mobility lanes, which the sector currently lacks.

Active mobility paths
  • The plan is to create a dedicated path for pedestrians and 4-meter-wide lanes dedicated to cyclists along nearly 2.5 km of the riverfront.
  • These routes will add to the active mobility network and connect the West Island and South Shore paths to those leading to the Old Port and downtown Montreal.
  • The bicycle lane and pedestrian pathway will be physically separated for the safety of all users.
  • Universal accessibility principles will be applied to ensure the area is accessible to everyone.
  • The plan is to operate the bicycle and pedestrian paths year-round.
  • Lighting will be added to make the area safe and accessible 24 hours a day.
Grassy areas
  • The added features will include several grassy areas along the green corridor.
  • These areas will follow the different slopes along the river so that users can get a closer access to the St. Lawrence river.
Viaduct area
  • The existing viaduct will be maintained and will be accessible to cyclists and pedestrians.
  • The viaduct’s structure could be used for urban art projects.
Landscaping strategy
  • The landscaping strategy will consist of greening the area with over 80,000 m2 of public green spaces, which will also reduce heat islands.
  • The landscaped features along the boulevard will include trees and shrubs that are adapted to urban conditions.
  • Near the river, the vegetation will be more natural and consist of shrubs, herbaceous plants and vines.
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