Once the original Champlain Bridge is deconstructed, 7 acres of land will be freed up and used to create value for residents.

This project will involve redeveloping:

  • the shoreline on the Montreal side;

  • the Champlain Bridge Ice Control Structure;

  • the site of the seaway dike;

  • the shoreline on the Brossard side.

Possible redevelopment


  1. Montreal shoreline
  2. Champlain Bridge Estacade
  3. Area around the St. Lawrence Seaway dike
  4. Brossard shoreline

To ensure these local redevelopment projects meet people’s expectations, JCCBI organized a co-design workshop in December 2019 to get the community involved in generating ideas to redevelop the shoreline and the ice control structure.  

The redevelopment project will leave a legacy for the community, provide enhanced access to the St. Lawrence River, and preserve portions of the bridge to commemorate its part in Montreal history.