Contract Signed

The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) has taken a new step in the deconstruction project of the original Champlain Bridge by signing the design-build contract with Nouvel Horizon St-Laurent G.P.

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2019 - Spring  

    Start of public meetings
    Commissio ning of the Samuel De Champlain Bridge
    Decommisioning of the Champlain Bridge
2019 - Summer  

    End of targeted environmental analysis
2020 - Spring  

    Start of the design-build contract for the deconstruction
    Reuse of materials

    End of the deconstruction of the Champlain Bridge
    Work to redevelop the shoreline and area around the Estacade
    Compensation work


The original Champlain Bridge has reached the end of its service life. It is now replaced with a new bridge and will be taken down starting in 2020 according to a sustainable development approach. This major project will last three years and has five main components: