Resident quality of life: A JCCBI priority

14 July 2021

Since JCCBI cares about maintaining the quality of resident life during the deconstruction work, it has set up a number of preventive measures at the work site:

  • marked transportation routes
  • restricted travel hours
  • expected trucking volume: about 20 trucks/day
  • dust control (foggers, road maintenance, etc.)
  • fixed stations that measure air-quality in real time
  • stations that measure sound levels in real time (sound-level meters)

Since activities at the work site may affect air quality by generating suspended particles from different sources, fixed stations in residential areas near the work site take real-time readings.


Map: Fixed stations in residential areas near the work on the Île des Sœurs side


If activities are likely to generate significant noise, sound readings are taken during the work in question.

Map: Measurement sites that assess the reference level for each sensitive area in the Brossard sector

Air-quality and noise-level data is released once a month and is now available on the Environment page of our website.