Radio-Canada stops by to learn about the peregrine falcons on our structures

11 July 2018

This year, 8 baby falcons were hatched on our structures: 4 on the Honoré Mercier Bridge and 4 more on the Champlain Bridge. On Thursday, journalists from Radio-Canada came to find out more about these birds and meet Jacky, a young peregrine falcon who has been trained to keep away pest birds at Pierre-Elliott Trudeau International Airport.

Stéphane Vaquette, Technician, Environment for The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI), was interviewed about the Corporation’s many efforts to keep our work from disrupting the nesting habitats of species.

Pierre Molina from Falcon Environmental Services (FES) also talked about this species that increasingly makes its home in urban areas as skyscrapers have taken the place of natural cliff ledges. FES is the specialized avifauna management company that JCCBI hired to monitor the birds throughout the nesting period and evaluate their behaviour in response to work or any potential disruptions.

JCCBI is proud that over 33 baby falcons have hatched on our structures in the past 6 years!

Watch the report on Radio-Canada that was broadcast on Sunday.