Material traceability system | Original Champlain Bridge Deconstruction

2 November 2021

JCCBI and NHSL are committed to effectively and transparently handling the deconstruction materials to ensure that the entire project is managed from a sustainable development approach.

material traceability program lets the teams monitor in real time the path that materials take off site on their way to be reused. 

Photo: A truck being weighed when exiting the work site.

Material transportation steps:
  • The main leftover materials from the Champlain Bridge deconstruction project are concrete and steel.
  • These materials are separated directly at the site and transported to authorized recycling centres.
  • They are transported with trucks that are tracked with a GPS system.
  • All trucks are weighed as they exit the site.
  • The trucks are weighed again when they enter the recycling facility, and these two weights are compared by a computer system to ensure that all volumes are accounted for.
  • This close monitoring ensures that the transported materials are duly tracked and that a record is kept of all volumes.