Kevin Tewfik Martel: my internship experience at JCCBI

28 May 2019

I was first introduced to JCCBI through Concordia University’s Co-op program. Upon further research, I was surprised and excited to learn that so many of the large infrastructure projects taking place around me were decided and managed by an entity so close to home. My application was selected, and before I knew it, I was a member of this great corporation.

Although I came from a French-speaking household, the English language had been embedded within me through school since kindergarten. From expressions to technical jargon, this transition proved to be one of my greatest challenges as an intern. I took on this challenge as a fantastic opportunity to learn, and it has truly paid off. By actively using the resources around me such as Google translate, Antidote, and frequently asking questions to my supportive co-workers, I made the most of my time here and feel confident to work in a French workplace in the future.

As an intern in the projects department, I was privileged to participate in bimonthly meetings and contribute to the management of various large and impactful projects. Notably, the paving of the Jacques Cartier Bridge, the development of the Saint-Hélène Island’s Pavilion, and many others. Furthermore, I had the chance to work with great colleagues who were always available to help me whenever I needed help. By being a part of JCCBI’s hockey team, I spent time with my colleagues from different departments, which made the overall experience of my internship that much more enjoyable.

I would encourage any and all students no matter what their background is to apply for an internship at JCCBI. There is plenty to learn, plenty to see, and plenty of ways to get involved.