MARCH | National Engineering Month: JCCBI thanks its 59 engineers! | PJCCI
MARCH | National Engineering Month: JCCBI thanks its 59 engineers!
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MARCH | National Engineering Month: JCCBI thanks its 59 engineers!

At JCCBI, we are very proud of our engineers, who represent 32% of our total staff. To celebrate National Engineering Month, we wanted to highlight engineering and its many challenges and, above all, recognize this profession that is so essential for our society.

Working as an engineer at JCCBI means coming up with innovative and sustainable solutions to get users where they need to go safely and ensure our infrastructure lasts as long as possible. 

Diversity: What drives us

The diversity of our engineers has helped us become a leader in infrastructure management and mobility. Facts about engineering at JCCBI (as of December 31, 2021) :

  • 59 engineers, 32% of employees
  • 17 women, 29% of employed engineers
  • 10 engineering internships on average per year
  • 7-plus engineering fields represented: automation, chemical, civil (structural inspection and evaluation, traffic), construction, electrical, electronic, environmental, and more

Sustainable development: Our priority

Beyond our infrastructure projects, JCCBI’s commitment to sustainability extends to organizational management and our desire to have a positive impact on the community. 

For example, our engineers work to ensure that maintenance on our structures is done with respect for the surrounding environment and social and urban fabric. 

Innovation: Our inspiration

Developing innovative solutions is a daily challenge for our engineers. Our goal is to always find new ways to excel, as demonstrated by the recent operation to lower the main span of the original Champlain Bridge. 

You can see our engineers’ innovation in the materials and techniques they apply to our structures and in the solutions they come up with to protect the environment and keep traffic flowing. 

JCCBI gets great strength from this global vision of innovation, which comes from the synergy and complementarity of our engineers’ varied expertise and their collaboration with our entire team. 

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