Jacques Cartier Bridge | “Half-masting” for the illumination

2 August 2021

On August 2, 2021, JCCBI modified the procedure for “half-masting” the illumination of the Jacques Cartier Bridge. Being a federal Crown corporation, JCCBI ensures that the illumination of the Jacques Cartier Bridge follows the notices of half-masting of the Canadian flag, issued by Canadian Heritage, normally for a period of 24 hours. The annual illumination programming is then interrupted exceptionally, and the illumination is dimmed or “half-mast”. This procedure will be maintained, except in the case of half-masting notices issued for an undetermined period: in such cases, the bridge illumination will be dimmed for a maximum of 7 consecutive days.


On May 31, a half-masting notice was issued for an undetermined period, and the Jacques Cartier Bridge illumination has been dimmed since that date, a first for JCCBI. Given the iconic character of the Jacques Cartier Bridge in the Montreal landscape, JCCBI has decided to revise its procedure following the exceptional duration of this half-masting notice. The bridge’s annual illumination programming will therefore resume on August 2.

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