PRESS RELEASE | Planning of major projects for 2021 | PJCCI
PRESS RELEASE | Planning of major projects for 2021
May 4, 2021 Jacques Cartier Bridge Honoré Mercier Bridge Bonaventure sector Work / traffic hindrances Champlain deconstruction Press releases
PRESS RELEASE | Planning of major projects for 2021
Major work on the federal sections of the Honoré Mercier Bridge and Bonaventure Expressway

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Today, The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) presented the work it plans to carry out in 2021 on the infrastructure under its responsibility. In the coming months, the main projects will include levelling and paving of portions of the federal section of the Honoré Mercier Bridge as well as repair work on the elevated section (federal section) of the Bonaventure Expressway. JCCBI also took the opportunity to provide an update on the deconstruction of the original Champlain Bridge.

“Another season of major work is underway on our structures. At an estimated $230 million, this year’s work will aim to extend the service life of our structures for a long time to come. Since part of our mission is to help all users get where they need to go, our teams are working closely with our Mobility Montréal partners,” said Sandra Martel, Engineer and Chief Executive Officer, JCCBI. “We are also proud to announce that so far the deconstruction of the original Champlain Bridge is on time and on budget. This excellent report card after nine months of work has come about thanks to collaboration between the teams at JCCBI and Nouvel Horizon Saint-Laurent G.P. (NHSL) in addition to the diverse expertise of hundreds of people involved in this major project,” she added.

As for the deconstruction of the original Champlain Bridge, Simon Hébert, Assistant Project Director, NHSL, explained that “NHSL and its partners are proud of the work accomplished so far, particularly for the Île des Sœurs shoreline, where nine spans have been deconstructed with a very positive environmental track record. The multidisciplinary teams from JCCBI and NHSL dedicated to this project are constantly striving to improve their practices and innovate to minimize the impact of the work on the environment and on neighbouring communities for the project’s duration.”

Below is an overview of the work that JCCBI is planning in the coming months.


Honoré Mercier Bridge

Maintenance programs on the Honoré Mercier Bridge are continuing this year and will mainly include levelling and paving the approaches and access ramps on the South Shore side, which will cause major traffic hindrances between June and September. Other work will include reinforcements of the piers, painting of the steel structure, construction of an inspection platform and the installation of a counting system. This work will be carried out mainly under the structure and will not cause any closures.


Bonaventure Expressway

Maintenance work on the Bonaventure Expressway will continue this year particularly with repairs to the box beams in the elevated section located between the Victoria Bridge and the Peel Basin. These activities will require complete and partial closures of the expressway and access ramps at night and on weekends. From April to November, the lanes will have to be reconfigured for this work, which will require the closure of two lanes toward downtown.


Jacques Cartier Bridge

The steel reinforcement and painting program will continue this year and will result in partial closures of two lanes in each direction for seven nights. The multipurpose path and sidewalk will be closed for five nights.

Work to redevelop the land under the Jacques Cartier Bridge in the Montreal sector will also continue and should be completed in November 2021. This work includes installing bioretention basins to manage the water that drains from the bridge deck as well as the creation of pedestrian paths and the planting of trees, shrubs and perennials.

On the South Shore side, JCCBI is building its new Maintenance Centre. This facility will house the Operations and Maintenance team as well as storage spaces, a workshop, and a garage for some maintenance vehicles. The new building will be completed in fall 2021. This project should not cause any traffic hindrances.

For more details about this work, consult our website.


Deconstruction of the original Champlain Bridge

Deconstruction work for the on-ground bridge sections and on the jetty built along the river at Île des Sœurs is currently being finalized. In June, NHSL will start work on the river, which will account for over 65% of the project. Part of this work will be carried out with a system of platforms attached to high-capacity lifting towers installed on a catamaran barge. Scheduled to take place from 2021 to 2023, this work will be performed in a controlled environment away from residences to minimize impacts on the river environment and the local community.

For more details about the various components of the project to deconstruct the original Champlain Bridge, visit our website.

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