Solution Bonaventure

Solution Bonaventure West sector: the treatment system is being put to the test!

The Solution Bonaventure is an environmental project to protect the St. Lawrence River from groundwater contaminants in the sector of the Bonaventure Expressway.

In the west sector, which includes land along the Bonaventure Expressway up to the approach of the Champlain Bridge across from Île des Sœurs, groundwater that drains to the river contains contaminants such as ammonia nitrogen, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and dissolved metals.

To address this problem, the Corporation started work in June on a containment system consisting of a hydraulic barrier with 32 wells installed along the riverbank. Through active pumping, this barrier will intercept contaminated groundwater and carry it to an on-site treatment system.

The work is now complete, and the system run-in period will last until spring 2017. Our team will take this opportunity to test the system, including the pumping and treatment of all organic and inorganic contaminants, to ensure that everything is working properly.

The water goes through several treatment steps before being discharged into the St. Lawrence River:

  1. The contaminated water is pumped by 32 wells installed on the site.
  2. The contaminated water is routed to a physical and chemical treatment system inside a new building.
  3. The contaminated water is then returned to an underground system for filtration and biological treatment.
  4. Finally, once quality standards are met, the clean water is discharged through a pipeline that flows directly into the St. Lawrence River.

All of these steps will undergo careful observation before the treatment system is officially started up in May 2017 for a period of 15 years. To learn more about how the treatment system works, watch the video.