This page contains information about the work schedule for the Champlain Bridge deconstruction. You can also see how the deconstruction is progressing on our Live Work Site section, which shows images from cameras installed at strategic points at the site that will let you keep up with the work being done on Île des Sœurs.

You can also learn more about the methods to deconstruct the Champlain Bridge on this page. We will be providing more information about these methods in fall 2020. 


Work to deconstruct the abutment of the Champlain Bridge on Île des Sœurs is now 60% complete. The Nouvel Horizon Saint-Laurent (NHSL) consortium had initially removed some reinforcements and installed temporary supports under the structure.

Bridge components such as concrete panels, bearings and girders have been given to the groups participating in the Research and Development program.

Up to eight excavators are being used to mechanically deconstruct the abutment from the two spans, pier cap, and pier near René-Lévesque Boulevard. Once taken down, the abutment alone will generate 2,200 tonnes of concrete that will be recycled at nearby sorting centres.

All of the work, including landscaping in the area, will be completed by the end of September. Note that René-Lévesque Boulevard has been reopened to traffic.

Work Schedule

Week of September 14

  • Excavation and demolition of foundations and reinforcement systems under the Champlain Bridge on the Île des Soeurs

  • Demolition of the pier and the footing of the Champlain Bridge abutment on the Île des Soeurs

  • Transport of concrete, asphalt and steel to nearby sorting sites

  • Construction of the temporary jetty on the Île des Soeurs

Week of September 21

  • Construction of the temporary jetty on the Île des Soeurs

  • Beginning of the installation of the pier on the Brossard side (Phase 1)


Note that the schedule may change depending on how the work progresses and on weather conditions.

This work may generate:

  • Noise due to the deconstruction work and the off-site transportation of materials.

  • Dust emissions.

  • Occasional local traffic hindrances.


JCCBI will install:

  • Sound level metres at the work site to ensure compliance with standards.

  • Air quality monitoring stations to ensure compliance with standards.


Construction of a temporary pier has begun on Île des Sœurs and will continue throughout winter 2020-2021 with the creation of two fish migration corridors.

JCCBI is also carrying out projects to compensate for fish habitat that may be lost due to the construction of the piers. These projects nevertheless represent a gain for the environment, as the construction-site impacts are temporary, while the positives of the compensation projects will be permanent!

The installation of the pier on the Brossard side (Phase 1) began a few weeks ago, and the widening of the pier (Phase 2) will start in spring 2021. Finally, a third pier will be built on the St. Lawrence Seaway dike (near the Champlain Bridge Estacade) in 2021. 

All of these piers will be used to take down structural bridge components along the shoreline where barges cannot be used due to the shallow water depth.