Active mobility | Discover our information tools!

13 December 2020

Promoting active mobility is a priority for JCCBI, and our goal is to help you better plan your bike rides, runs and walks: 


Get real-time information about opening and closing times or maintenance on JCCBI’s active mobility network. 


This page shows you at a glance whether the path or sidewalk you want to use is open or closed. Here, pedestrians, runners and cyclists can get information about the paths or sidewalks they want to explore, viewpoints they can discover, and opening times.  


This page includes any construction advisories for the structures you want to use. It also has a map of the active mobility network that shows you at a glance the structures managed by JCCBI and our partners. 


Go to this page to get a quick view of the structure you want to use. You can also find useful links to information about the active mobility structures in the networks of JCCBI and our partners. 

JCCBI wants to encourage the development of active mobility. Allowing pedestrians, cyclists, runners, in-line skaters, skateboarders and scooter riders to safely enjoy our structures is one of our main priorities. 

JCCBI currently has four active mobility structures: 

  • Jacques Cartier Bridge multipurpose path 
  • Jacques Cartier Bridge sidewalk 
  • Estacade bicycle path 
  • Melocheville Tunnel sidewalk 

Enjoy your exercise!