Champlain Bridge Deconstruction Project | Update on work

9 February 2021

Île des Sœurs

The bridge deconstruction from the Île des Sœurs jetty is going well.

The teams have recently completed the second demolition cycle for one of the spans. A demolition cycle, which lasts approximately two weeks, includes preparatory and protection activities followed by the recovery of components for the Research and Development program.

The next step in the cycle is the mechanical demolition of the span, with clean-up as the last step. Work teams will repeat this cycle five times to demolish all of the spans over the Île des Sœurs jetty.


Work to construct the Brossard jetty is also well underway, and the jetty along the shoreline has now reached its full width and length.

A small section of jetty will be built along the St. Lawrence Seaway. On the side of the seaway dike, a team is assembling the barges and marine equipment that will be used to deconstruct the bridge from over the river.

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