JCCBI’s Projects and Work

JCCBI maintains its operations.

The activities maintained concern the maintenance of construction sites and teleworking for office workers until further notice.

This will allow JCCBI to fulfill its current commitments in adherence with the health measures issued by the CNESST.

Planning of major projets for 2021


JCCBI keeps its network running smoothly around the clock every day of the year. To fulfill its mission, JCCBI carries out a vast program of inspections, structural behaviour assessments, needs analyses, and work planning as well as engineering, construction and supervision work. 


We plan our projects and work decades in advance, and JCCBI collaborates with Mobility Montréals different partners to minimize the impact on road users. 

Below is JCCBIs project process at a glance:

1/ Identification of needs  

Massive structures like the Jacques Cartier Bridge or Bonaventure Expressway have many needs. They may require electrical repairs, paving, steel painting, and many other types of work. Most of these operations are planned in advance as part of JCCBIs proactive asset management approach. Our Operations and Maintenance teams may also identify a need following an inspection or report, while user needs may change over time.   

2/ Diagnostics and master plans  

Our teams meet with different stakeholders to refine needs and establish diagnostics. For some projects, we also consult directly with the public and users. This step lets us establish a master plan. 

3/ Strategic planning 

At this stage, project briefs are created mainly to define and explain the project needs, goals, timelines and budgets.   

4/ Prefeasibility study  

At this stage, a solution is chosen to meet needs and clarify the planned implementation methods. 

5/ Project  

This is when the project becomes a reality and JCCBIs financial outlays are at their highest. Detailed design is performed to produce plans and specifications, which in turn are used to get price estimates from the contractors who will carry out the work. Work quality and compliance with the plans and specifications are supervised by a separate consultant.   

Throughout the project or work period, occupational health and safety is a high priority for JCCBI.  

Beyond new projects: Ongoing maintenance 

We carry out a regular maintenance program for the entire service life of each structure to minimize the need for corrective operations. We have teams working on our structures each and every day.  

Sustainable development: A core priority 

The Corporation has a keen desire to create positive impacts for the community. As a social and urban contributor, JCCBI stays connected with the public to minimize the impact of our work on residents quality of life, for example, through Good Neighbourly Relations Committees or information meetings.  


JCCBIs Communications team proactively informs the public about work and traffic hindrances. To follow JCCBIs work in real time, you can follow the Twitter accounts for our structures: @SecBonaventure, @pontChampBridge, @pontJCBridge, @pontHMBridge and @mobiliteactive.