The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) held its last public annual meeting on November 23, 2018. This meeting was in live broadcast, whereby an overview of the activities carried out by the JCCBI in 2017-2018 was presented. See below for the complete presentation.

 2017-2018 Annual public meeting presentation


Reports and studies

All structures are inspected and assessed accordingly on an annual basis. These inspections guide the Corporation’s programs and prioritize work in the coming years.

COWI 2018 report
Jacques Cartier Bridge Multipurpose Path winter-maintenance pilot project report
Champlain Bridge assessment report 2018 (Section 5, 6 and 7) (in french only)
Ice Control Structure assessment report 2016
Jacques Cartier Bridge assessment report 2016 (in french only)
Honoré Mercier Bridge assessment report 2014
Jacques Cartier Bridge assessment report 2014


To get updates about work planned as a result of these assessments and inspections, consult the WORKS page. 

The Corporation also commissions many reports and studies to make informed decisions and to responsibly carry out its projects. Below is the relevant documentation for ongoing projects:

Deconstruction of the existing Champlain Bridge : Targeted environmental analysis

Please note that these reports were redacted in accordance with Section 25 of the Access to Information Act (AIA), which means that some (but relatively little) information in these documents has been hidden in accordance with the AIA. The following is a list of sections of the AIA under which this information cannot be given: 16 (2), 18 a), b) and d), 19 (1), 20 (1) a), b), c) and d), and 21 (1) a), b) and c).