Calls for Tenders

Notice to contractors

The Corporation posts the specific sections of its public call for tender documents on MERX, a specialized electronic tendering service, under the Crown and private corporations tab. All documents included in the standard sections are only available from this site.

Contractors and suppliers must register with MERX to obtain the Corporation’s specific sections  of its public call for tender documents. Once registered, contractors and suppliers can receive email notices about new public calls for tenders.

Standard sections of call for tender documents for construction contracts are available from this site. Please download and consult the AV Version or the NV Version of these standard sections. If you have downloaded these standard sections in the past, make sure you have the version that is applicable to the call for tenders, as indicated in the Notice to Contractors (Section 0).

Calls for tenders by invitation

To register on the Corporation’s list of potential consultants or suppliers for future calls for tender by invitation, please email us at [email protected]. Please specify in your email the legal name of your company, your various fields of expertise, as well as your full contact details.

Note that the invited tenderers for each call for tender remain at the Corporation’s sole discretion.

Champlain deconstruction project

Qualification Call

The Company has received the following applications for the AQ35001 Qualification Call:

Group 1: Dragados Canada

  • Dragados Canada inc.

Group 2: New Horizon St-Laurent

  • Pomerleau Inc.
  • American Iron & Metal Company inc.

Group 3: Champlain Heritage

  • Group EBC inc.
  • Construction Demathieu & Bard (CDB) inc.
  • Janin Atlas Inc. Dodin Quebec inc.

Group 4: Kiewit Construction

  • Kiewit Cie

In accordance with the terms of the call for qualification issued on March 8 and following the filing of applications received on May 28, 2019 at 3 p.m., the Jacques Cartier Champlain Bridge Corporation inc. starts the evaluation process. The result of the qualified applications will be announced by the end of June 2019.


Call for Tenders

The request for qualification for design-build services for the deconstruction of the original Champlain Bridge (2019-2023) was launched on March 8, 2019, and interested firms had until May 28, 2019 to make their submissions. The purpose of this request for qualification was to select three candidates who would then be invited to submit a proposal for the next step of the selection process.

The candidates who made a submission and who have qualified for the next step are (in alphabetical order):

Groupe Champlain Héritage

  • EBC inc.
  • Construction Demathieu & Bard (CDB) inc.
  • Janin Atlas inc.
  • Dodin Québec inc.

Kiewit Cie

  • Construction Kiewit Cie

Nouvel Horizon St-Laurent

  • Pomerleau Inc.
  • Delsan-A.I.M. Environmental Services Inc.

JCCBI carried out a thorough and fair assessment of all submissions. An independent auditor (or external fairness monitor) was appointed to monitor the integrity of the submission evaluation process to ensure that the principles of integrity, fairness, and transparency were upheld and that the terms of the request for qualification process were followed.

The selected candidates will be invited to submit a proposal for this project. The proposal period will start the week of July 8 and last for 5 months.

The goal of this process is to select the tenderer whose proposal best meets JCCBI’s requirements. The proposal evaluations will then determine which contractor or consortium will be awarded the contract.


Selected Tenderer

On March 5, 2020, The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) announced that the selected tenderer for the deconstruction of the original Champlain Bridge will be the Nouvel Horizon St-Laurent consortium formed by Pomerleau Inc. and Delsan-A.I.M. Environmental Services Inc.

For all the details, please read the press release


For more information about the deconstruction of the original Champlain Bridge, please consult the project’s dedicated web page.