Jacques Cartier Bridge | New measure – No access to the Bridge ramps for vehicles over 15 metres in length starting July 27, 2020

21 July 2020

The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) would like to inform users and the trucking industry that vehicles over 15 metres (over 50 feet) in length are prohibited from using the access ramps of the Jacques Cartier Bridge leading to Parc Jean-Drapeau starting July 27, 2020.

This new preventive measure will be in effect on the two entrance and exit ramps between the Jacques Cartier Bridge and Parc Jean-Drapeau. JCCBI feels it has to implement this new measure following instances in which vehicles over 15 metres in length became stuck in a ramp and thus encroached over several traffic lanes thereby posing significant safety risks for bridge users and causing damage to equipment.

If a truck that is longer than 15 metres absolutely needs to use one of these access ramps, a form must be filled out and submitted to JCCBI’s Operations and Maintenance Department at [email protected]. The request for authorization must be received at least five working days before the vehicle is scheduled to use the ramp. Note that the applicant must take the necessary measures for this manoeuvre to be performed properly and to ensure the safety of all users.