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Champlain Deconstruction | Work updates
March 10, 2021 Champlain deconstruction Work / traffic hindrances
Champlain Deconstruction | Work updates
Île des Sœurs

While continuing to deconstruct the spans from the Île des Sœurs jetty, Nouvel Horizon Saint-Laurent (NHSL) has maintained an excellent environmental record and has had no complaints from residents about the work.

As of February 15, NHSL has deconstructed four of the seven spans and is getting ready to deconstruct the fifth span by the end of February. The two-week span deconstruction cycle allows sawing and removal of structural components for the Research and Development program.

Once the last three spans have been deconstructed, NHSL will begin taking down the remaining components on the jetty, i.e., the piers along with their caps and footings. The goal is to complete the deconstruction work on the jetty by summer 2021.

In this same sector, NHSL is working to finish both fish migration corridors so that they are in place by April 1, 2021, the date that restrictions apply to in-water work in order to protect fish and their habitats. 


Photo: General view of the Île des Sœurs jetty (January 26, 2021)



NHSL took advantage of non-boating season in the Lesser La Prairie Basin this winter to create a portion of the jetty around Pier 1E. This future work area at the east end of the St. Lawrence Seaway navigation channel will help with the deconstruction of the bridge’s east cantilever span, which is scheduled for winter 2021-2022.


Photo: Pier 1E surrounded by a jetty for the deconstruction of the east cantilever span





Stay informed and keep up with the Champlain Bridge deconstruction project by visiting the Deconstruction Site web page.


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