Champlain Bridge Deconstruction | Two ultra-sophisticated fish migration corridors

18 March 2021

Two migration corridors are currently being created to mitigate the jetty’s impacts on fish and their habitat on the Île des Sœurs side. Over ten underwater cameras as well as two resistivity sensors will help the teams perform biological monitoring for each corridor to ensure that no fish pass by unnoticed!

In addition to counting the fish, the sensors will determine their direction of travel, approximate size, and swimming amplitude. The cameras will be used to identify the likely family or species. Hydraulic conditions in the corridors will be tracked with a current meter to measure current speeds, a determining factor in how far and fast fish can swim.

Why track this data?

The collected information will help our expert biologists ensure that biological functions and hydraulic conditions are maintained in the area and that these two migration corridors are indeed mitigating the impact of in-water work on the fish habitat.

All of this valuable data will be sent to Fisheries and Oceans Canada to add to our collective knowledge about the St. Lawrence River.

Stay informed !  

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