Watch “Découverte” on Sunday, April 8: Report on the peregrine falcons on the Champlain Bridge

5 April 2018

On Sunday, April 8 at 6:30 p.m., don’t miss “Découverte” for the report on the nesting of peregrine falcons that was done in summer of 2016 with Martin Chiasson and Falcon Environmental Services.

Since the 1980s, peregrine falcons have started moving more and more into urban environments. Since this species does not build actual nests and essentially lives on cliffs, they look for vertical structures for homes for their families.

JCCBI does whatever it can so that ongoing work does not disrupt the habitat of this species. Since 2002, compensatory nesting boxes for the peregrine falcons have been installed on our three major structures: the Champlain Bridge, Jacques Cartier Bridge and Honoré Mercier Bridge. Each structure has two or three nesting boxes. However, the boxes only accommodate a single pair of peregrine falcons, as these birds are very territorial.

In 2017, two pairs of peregrine falcons found refuge in these nesting boxes and produced a brood. Our guess is that the bird “condos” we created are quite comfortable!