Vicky Rancourt – Many goals make for a busy life

2 February 2018

Everyone at The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) knows the intrepid and vivacious Vicky, who can be found up and down the halls of our Corporation for the social club. This runner, foodie, Jill-of-all-trades, and cross-fit enthusiast is also on JCCBI’s soccer team that plays every Thursday evening. We decided to learn a little more about Vicky and her journey at JCCBI.
After studying social sciences and administration at CEGEP, Vicky decided to do some vocational training in secretarial studies so that she could access better jobs during university. She had to do three internships, and her first one was at JCCBI in April 2013.
Right from the start, Vicky was quite taken by all the team members, who were always there to help each other. After JCCBI’s move to its new headquarters, the team remained tight-knit and kept up its routine. “When we arrived at SSQ Tower, we continued having lunch together,” she said with a smile.
She loved her experience so much that she decided to do all three of her internships at JCCBI—despite her teachers’ recommendations to the contrary. After her last internship in March 2014, she got a permanent position as Administrative Clerk, Construction Projects. Since then, she has continued to lend an administrative hand to the Construction Directorate and is involved in various projects, such as for quality control and the development of work tools.
When asked what project she has liked the most, she immediately answered, “The illumination of the Jacques Cartier Bridge. That was the first project I saw evolve from beginning to end. The artistic nature of the project also let us step outside the more technical aspects of the bridge. It was so exciting to see the cameras at meetings and the interviews. It was all kind of glamorous!”
When it comes to her everyday work, however, her true passion is for the Mercier Bridge. “The political side really interests me. Working with the MTMDET, the monitoring consortium, and Mohawk contractors involves a unique dynamic you can’t find anywhere else. I’m lucky to be one of the few people who gets to work in this sector.”
So how does she fit university into everything she has going on? “This winter, I’m starting a part-time microprogram in project management at HEC. I hope to one day get my BA in administration or project management.”
Outside of work, Vicky loves to travel. After trips to Belize, Ireland and Portugal, she is planning to go to Ecuador next summer with her boyfriend, Patrick.
She said that she and Patrick are at an exciting point in their lives and that, after Ecuador, they plan to buy a house so that they can host her boyfriend’s Acadian family. Plus, they’ll finally have the space to get the German Pointer they’ve always wanted.
You could definitely say that Vicky has a lot going on in her life! We wish you the best of luck and success, Vicky, with all of your projects and goals!