Top 5 questions about the Jacques Cartier Bridge illumination

14 May 2018

5 – Where are the best places to admire the illumination of the Jacques Cartier Bridge?

See the map for the best places.


4 – When is the best time to admire the illumination?

Every day at sunset!

Every hour, the dominant themes from the media add colour to the bridge: green for environment, turquoise for technology, yellow for business, blue for sports, pink for institutions (religion, politics and justice), red for society (health, education and lifestyle) and purple for the arts.

Since January 2018, a short one-minute light show comes on every half hour.


3 – Is the bridge illuminated every day?

The Jacques Cartier Bridge lights up every day at sunset. However, during a half-masting of the Canadian flag, which affects all Government of Canada buildings and institutions, the bridge illumination is toned down.


2 – At what time will the bridge be illuminated today?

The Jacques Cartier Bridge lights up at sunset. You can find the expected time for today’s date at the website of the National Research Council Canada: https://www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/eng/services/sunrise/index.html


1 – Could you change the colour of the bridge for a cause?

Special illuminations of the Jacques Cartier Bridge can’t be arranged since the Living Connections concept was designed with smart programming. This means that the illumination is activated by millions of data points that pulse to the beat of the city, particularly activity on social networks.

Note that the bridge changes colours with the seasons according to a 365-colour calendar.


Did you know that you can make the Jacques Cartier Bridge shine even brighter?

You can! In fact, the bridge lights constantly react to Montreal’s energy with a discreet movement of light fragments up and down the structure. The intensity, speed and density of the light fragments change depending on how often #illuminationMTL is used on social media.

To learn more about the concept, visit illuminationMTL.com.