Throwback: New bicycle path on the Champlain Bridge Ice Control Structure:A two-kilometre protected lane for cyclists.

28 March 2019

In 2016, The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) was pleased to inaugurate the new dedicated bicycle path on the Champlain Bridge Ice Control Structure. Pedestrians and cyclists from Greater Montreal had the opportunity to discover and enjoy the new facilities at a festive event held right near the ice control structure.

In 2015, JCCBI started major work to create the bicycle and pedestrian path on the ice control structure and to reinforce the deck. Since the design allowed us to add a separate upstream lane across the entire structure, JCCBI took this opportunity to make the crossing safer and improve the experience for cyclists, pedestrians and runners by separating the path from the lanes used by heavy trucks.

The new dedicated path is three metres wide and two kilometres long. It has an anti-skid surface made of lightweight and durable material, while an LED street light system has considerably improved lighting quality while decreasing energy consumption.

Created at the approach to the bicycle path of the Champlain Bridge Ice Control Structure on Île des Sœurs, the rest area lets cyclists and pedestrians take a break while taking in a unique view of the St. Lawrence River.