The Corporation teams up with Opération Bonne Mine to help kids start the school year off right!

28 August 2017

This fall, The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) is helping primary school students through the Opération Bonne Mine program of the Société Saint-Vincent de Paul. The goal of this initiative is to help relieve some of the financial pressure on families at the start of the school year and help kids see school in a more positive way.

This year, JCCBI made a donation that will provide students at four primary schools near the Jacques Cartier Bridge with direct assistance to buy the supplies they need to start school off right.

Opération Bonne Mine helps cover the basic needs of children and teens while acting directly on the key elements of school success, such as self-esteem, group belonging, and personal excellence. Classroom and extra-curricular activities, meals, educational materials, transportation and daycare services all come together to create the best conditions to promote academic success.

We wish all of these students a fantastic school year!  Who knows? Maybe the children we help today will be our engineers of tomorrow!