St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation

27 April 2017

In 1956, the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation (SLSMC) oversaw the construction of the Melocheville Tunnel.

At the time, this federal body was responsible for operating, managing and maintaining this tunnel that passes under the St. Lawrence Seaway near the Beauharnois generating station.

Did you know that the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation is at the origin of the Melocheville Tunnel?

To help expand the seaway in 1954, the Parliament of Canada tabled an act to let the government acquire several tracts of land for the construction, operation and maintenance of a waterway between the Port of Montreal and Lake Erie. The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation was therefore created to manage the development and administrative activities of this new river route.

The Melocheville Tunnel was built during the construction of the Beauharnois Canal and was one of the SLSMC’s many projects. The tunnel was created in 1956-1957 as part of the seaway development and extends Hwy. 132 under the locks of the Beauharnois Canal in Melocheville. Made up of 18 caissons that lie directly on the bedrock, the structure has two traffic lanes and a sidewalk.  Called the “Beauharnois Tunnel” for over 30 years , it received its official name in 1991. This structure remained under the SLSMC’s authority until October 1, 1998, when it was transferred to JCCBI.