Solution Bonaventure West sector: getting ready for the water treatment system to become operational

18 November 2016

Started in June, the work on the Solution Bonaventure environmental project for the west sector is coming to a close. The run-in for the contaminated water treatment system should start on December 19.

JCCBI will create a containment system consisting of a hydraulic barrier made up of a series of wells installed along the shore. Through active pumping, this barrier will intercept contaminated groundwater and carry it to an on-site treatment system.

Here are the steps that have been completed so far:

  • Drilling of 33 pumping wells, 100 observation wells and 10 adjustment wells.
  • Connection of the hydraulic barrier wells.
  • Construction of the building.
  • Installation of the indoor and outdoor treatment equipment.
  • Landscaping of the area and service path.

Photo 1_Installation des équipements de traitement extérieur

The next steps will be to:

  • Test the biological reactor and treatment equipment.
  • Gradually start up the pumping and groundwater treatment system.
  • Run in the system to achieve performance requirements.

After a six-month run-in period, the treatment system should be operational starting in June 2017 and will be maintained over 15 years by Sanexen.

To learn more about the project and the solutions for each sector, watch our videos.