Research and Development: Evaluation of the Real Condition and Mechanical Performance and Durability of Concrete Elements of the Champlain Bridge

9 November 2021

Each month, our newsletter features one of the 12 projects that JCCBI is overseeing in collaboration with the teams working on research during the deconstruction of the Champlain Bridge.
This month’s featured project is by the team at Université Laval.

In the study:

  • Four sections of prestressed girders.
  • two sections of piers.
  • two sections of pier caps.
  • two infill slabs.

Professors Benoit Fournier, Eng. and David Conciatori, Eng. from the engineering department at Université Laval have begun studying the influence of exposure conditions as well as the causes, extent, and mechanisms of degradation observed on different types of concrete structural components.

“This research team is currently conducting non-destructive testing, performing cracking and surface condition studies, and instrumenting the test specimens of the concrete components provided by our contractor Nouvel Horizon Saint-Laurent,” explains Moctar Sidibé, Senior Engineer in the Expert Assessment, Research and Applications Directorate of The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated. 

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