A colourful summer in store for the Jacques Cartier Bridge! Two Montreal artists to add their touch starting today

1 June 2016

JCCBI is proud to announce the launch of two art projects on the Jacques Cartier Bridge: the continuation of the Veduta urban art project by artist Stéphane Leclerc and “La Traversée,” murals by MU, signed by the artist Rafael Sottolichio. These projects are part of an urban integration project to enhance the appeal of this iconic Montreal bridge while increasing users’ feeling of safety. Starting today, everyone is invited to come by bike or on foot to enjoy this artwork on the multipurpose path and the Île Sainte-Hélène pavilion pedestrian crossing.


Veduta Project

Last year, JCCBI carried out the Veduta pilot project in collaboration with Montreal artist Stéphane Leclerc.The results were very positive, as the project improved the user experience. This year, the project will be set up at both the Montreal and Longueuil entrances of the multipurpose path. This urban work of art will create a modulated effect and transform the space with multicoloured strips attached to the posts of the multipurpose path.

Stéphane Leclerc’s journey has been a colourful one and has combined art history and environmental design. His passion for public art and urban landscapes prompted him to create this colourful installation, which he sees as a unique opportunity to change Montrealers’ vision of the bridge.

Veduta 2015

“La Traversée” mural 

The Île Sainte-Hélène pavilion pedestrian crossing lets pedestrians and cyclists go under the Jacques Cartier Bridge deck to access the multipurpose path and sidewalk. To enhance the appeal of this route, JCCBI commissioned two murals from MU, to take users on a trip in time. Through a sequence of canvas images of the city at a time when it was humming to the sound of massive projects, the murals signed by the Montreal artist Rafael Sottolichio, will make users feel that they are going back in time while giving them a new appreciation of this historic monument.

With a passion for the camera, Rafael Sottolichio incorporates the esthetics of photography into his brushwork. He has also had a long-held fascination for the Jacques Cartier Bridge’s “lace motif,” which he often uses in his work. “La Traversée” is his 7th mural, which he created in collaboration with the Montreal organization MU.

Murale PISH 2016

Users are invited to come see these two art installations come alive on the Jacques Cartier Bridge, until mid-June. JCCBI would like to remind pedestrians and cyclists to show caution and courtesy while crossing the bridge as the artists and their teams are at work.  

For more information about these enhancement projects for the Jacques Cartier Bridge, follow us on Twitter @pontJCBridge or visit our website at www.JacquesCartierChamplain.ca.