Philippe Fougerolle

9 June 2017

In 1844, French mason Philippe Fougerolle founded the company that still bears his name. The Fougerolle company worked on the design of many large-scale structures and was responsible for developing the construction of the Champlain Bridge.

What do we know about the Fougerolle company?

The company’s story started in France. After finishing work on the Canal du Nivernais, Philippe Fougerolle received the royal engineering seal to work on roads and bridges in Nièvre. With this recognition, Fougerolle received a stamp of approval that let him submit tenders for major projects. From the Mauvages Tunnel to the Tancarville Bridge, Fougerolle had a hand in the construction of many viaducts, tunnels and bridges in France.

Many years later, and thousands  of kilometres away in Montreal, it was announced that a toll bridge would be built over the St. Lawrence River. The National Harbours Board invited representatives from Greater Montreal cities and governments to decide on the location of the structure. The design of the plans and specifications and the supervision of the work was handed over to the Pratley de Montréal consulting engineering firm. To enhance the project coordination, the Champlain Bridge construction project was divided into seven sectors, including the access ramps, metal structure and concrete deck. The Fougerolle company from France was hired to oversee the development of the entire project. Five years after the first construction contract was awarded, the Champlain Bridge opened to traffic in June 1962.