Director, Environment and Sustainability

Full-time permanent position – 37.5 h/week


At The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI), our teams work together to keep users safe by managing, maintaining and rehabilitating our infrastructure, optimizing traffic flow, and respecting the environment.

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The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (the Corporation) has a concern to protect, preserve, and enhance the environment when it comes to the different activities to maintain its structures. In relation to its operations and project development, the Corporation is currently adjusting its practices to incorporate the concept of sustainable development.

The mission of the Environment and Sustainability Department is to protect, preserve and enhance the environment in the areas under the Corporation’s responsibility and implement sustainable development practices.

Reporting to the Senior Director, Asset Management, the Director will be responsible for ensuring that the Environment and Sustainability Department can carry out its mission. To do so, you will have direct support from six (6) employees as well as cooperation from all of the Corporation’s staff members.

You will help senior management implement actions required to comply with prevailing laws, standards and regulations concerning environmental protection, develop best practices to enhance the environment, and implement them in all of the Corporation’s departments according to a sustainable development approach.

You will act as an expert and leader in the environment and sustainable development at the Corporation and recommend best practices. In this capacity, you will establish policies, propose and implement improvements to current practices, and help in decision-making with regard to the directions that the Corporation must take.



  • As Director, you will be responsible for planning, developing, directing and evaluating all activities related to your department. Specifically, you will establish different activities that your department must perform every year and for the subsequent ten (10) years. You will plan and organize the work of all resources in your department and propose the required human, financial and material resources to carry out the department’s activities. You will also direct the department’s work and activities.
  • You will monitor new practices to verify their actual impact compared to the expected impact and make any necessary adjustments.
  • You will direct contract launch activities related to the department’s activities and ensure that the various services provided by your teams meet the expected quality level.
  • During the planning, development and implementation of routine activities and major repair projects, you will help other departments uphold respect for the environment and implement sustainable development practices.
  • You will inform senior management about the status of different environmental files and the impacts of operations on the environment.
  • You will prepare different accountability reports that the Corporation must submit to the government and help prepare the Corporation’s sustainability reports.
  • You will manage operations related to the Corporation’s retaining walls.
  • You will manage staff, which includes coaching your team and defining its priorities. You will develop a culture of cooperation, sharing and discipline and will foster and maintain a respectful work atmosphere.
  • You will put forward budgets required to carry out the activities in your sector. You will take part in processes to prepare annual budgets and follow up on the department’s budget and the contracts that it is responsible for.
  • You will act as a liaison with other government or public bodies. You will monitor federal and provincial regulations and ensure that the Corporation’s actions are compliant with prevailing regulations.
  • You will stay up-to-date with existing and emerging practices: you will attend occasional networking events to raise the Corporation’s profile and be informed of new trends and innovations in your field.



  • Have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized university, with relevant specialization in environmental sciences, biology, chemistry or other discipline; a master’s degree in the environment will be considered an asset.
  • Be a member of a professional order relevant to your position (an asset).
  • Have minimum experience of twelve (12) years in the environment and sustainability, including at least seven (7) years as a manager.
  • Have experience determining environmental requirements related to regulatory compliance.
  • Have served as a senior project manager for large-scale projects in the public and private sectors.
  • Have experience supervising staff.
  • Have experience with contract management (needs identification, contract drafting, procurement, tracking of contract deliverables, quality, deadlines and costs).
  • Have in-depth knowledge of the laws, regulations, standards, trends, orientations, and recent developments in your field.
  • Have good writing skills and a solid ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
  • Show inspiring leadership, remarkable interpersonal skills, and an ability to motivate employees using a collaborative and continuous improvement approach.
  • Have change management skills and a client-focused approach.
  • Have a sense of innovation and organizational skills.
  • Analysis and synthesis skills.
  • Concern for detail and quality.
  • Be recognized for your expertise, thoroughness and team spirit.
  • Show scientific curiosity and independence.
  • Integrity: behave with sincerity, decency and honesty.
  • Proficiency with Excel, Word, Access, and MS Project.
  • Have good mastery of oral and written French and English.



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