As a manager of important infrastructure, The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (the Corporation) is a federal Crown corporation established in 1978 that is responsible for the Jacques Cartier Bridge, the Champlain Bridge, the original Champlain Bridge Ice Control Structure, the Île des Sœurs Bypass Bridge, the federal sections of Bonaventure Expressway and the Honoré Mercier Bridge, as well as the Melocheville Tunnel.

Every day, the Corporation ensures a safe drive for thousands of users by managing, maintaining and repairing this important infrastructure for Greater Montreal. The Corporation also ensures that these critical structures remain safe, fully functional and aesthetically pleasing both today and in the future. It conducts construction, rehabilitation and reinforcement projects on the infrastructure under its responsibility and oversees the operation and maintenance of these structures.


The Corporation reports to Parliament through the Minister of Infrastructure and Communities. It is mainly financed through parliamentary appropriations, but it also receives revenue to a lesser extent from other sources, such as leases and permits.

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Values and ethics code

In 2019, the Corporation has adopted a Values and Ethics Code (hereinafter “Code”) for all its employees. The Code sets out the values and rules of ethics to be observed as well as the behaviours to be adopted for a healthy, orderly, safe and productive work environment, to enable the Corporation to fulfill its mission.

The Code is intended to promote respectful relationships with others, good stewardship over the Corporation’s property and information, honest, ethical, responsible and moral conduct and a culture of excellence.

The respect of the Corporation’s values and of the expected behaviours provided in the Code is a condition of employment for all employees.


February 14 th, 2014

The Corporation becomes a parent Crown corporation named in Part I of Schedule Ill of the Financial Administration Act.

April 1 st, 2015

As part of the New Champlain Bridge Corridor project, for the north and south approaches of the Champlain Bridge and the federal section of Highway 15 are transferred from the Corporation to the President of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada. To ensure a smooth transition, the Corporation continues to oversee the operations of these sections.

Management of the north and south approaches of the Champlain Bridge and of the federal section of Highway 15 is transferred to Signature on the Saint Lawrence, the consortium responsible for the New Champlain Bridge Corridor project. The transfer includes operations, maintenance and traffic management over these sections.

November 2 nd, 2015
November 3 rd, 2018

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, JCCBI is taking this opportunity to showcase its major accomplishments, promote its upcoming projects, and highlight its DNA of innovation

JCCBI completely closes the Champlain Bridge to traffic on June 28, 2019. A historical moment.

An emotional day as we say #byebyeChamplain