More than 40 years of engineering innovation

For more that 40 years, JCCBI has developed innovative solutions and its history is punctuated by several great achievements, overseen by our experts. The interactive timeline below summarizes some of them! Discover them!


Deck replacement on the Honoré Mercier Bridge

This major project on the federal section of the Honoré Mercier Bridge is one of the largest projects ever done by First Nations in Canada and won an award of excellence from the Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques.

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2013 – Operation “super beam” on the Champlain Bridge

Management of an emergency operation to install a prefabricated “super beam” on the Champlain Bridge while maintaining traffic flow. This accomplishment earned JCCBI the “Grand prix d’excellence en transport – Prix Communication grand public” from the Association québécoise des transports.

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Île des Sœurs bypass bridge

2014 is marked by the inauguration of the new Île des Sœurs bypass bridge, and consequently, the extension of the Champlain Bridge’s reserved bus lane.

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Instrumentation and reinforcement of the Champlain Bridge

Reinforcement of the Champlain Bridge structure with external post-tension cables, queen-posts, carbon-fibre-reinforced polymers, and steel trusses. This wide range of innovative solutions applied to the Champlain Bridge also includes the installation of 300 sensors that measure the bridge’s behaviour in real time.


Solution Bonaventure environmental project

From 1866 to 1966, the shore of the St. Lawrence River in the sector of the Bonaventure Expressway was used as a landfill site for industrial and household waste. In the spring of 2016, JCCBI launched the Solution Bonaventure environmental project to protect the St. Lawrence River through mitigation measures to confine and treat contaminated groundwater. Innovative solutions have been put forward to tackle a century of pollution.

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Ice Control Structure

In 2016, the new dedicated bicycle path on the Champlain Bridge Ice Control Structure was inaugurated. Pedestrians and cyclists from Greater Montreal had the opportunity to discover and enjoy the new facilities at a festive event held right near the ice control structure. Discover the actual bicycle path on the Champlain Bridge Ice Control Structure

Launch of the Solution Bonaventure Project

Formerly used as a landfill for industrial and household waste, the area next to the federal section of the Bonaventure Expressway posed a hazard to the St. Lawrence River due to runoff from contaminants in the groundwater. The Solution Bonaventure project aims to mitigate this threat with underground walls that prevent hundreds of thousands of litres of contaminated water from flowing into the St. Lawrence River every year. Learn more

Travel back in time at the Île Sainte-Hélène pavilion!

Through a sequence of canvas images of the city at a time when it was humming to the sound of massive development projects, the two murals in the pedestrian crossing of the Île Sainte-Hélène pavilion under the Jacques Cartier Bridge will take users on a journey back in time.

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Inauguration of a rest area near the bicycle path of the ice control structure

To revitalize the approaches of its infrastructure, JCCBI built a rest area in October 2017 specifically for users of the bicycle path of the Champlain Bridge Ice Control Structure.

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Inauguration of the first “people-connected” bridge

A flagship project for Canada’s 150th anniversary and Montreal’s 375th anniversary, the interactive Living Connections installation was spearheaded by JCCBI and developed by a team of local creators. Thanks to intelligent programming, the Jacques Cartier has become the first “people-connected” bridge that comes alive every night in an animated light sequence that changes with the seasons and the pulse of the city. This innovative installation has become a signature for Montreal and will make it shine for years to come.

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Reinforcement and stabilization of east embankment of the Jacques Cartier Bridge (Longueuil)

In 2017, The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) began major work to reinforce and stabilize the approaches of the Jacques Cartier Bridge in order to extend the service life of this Montreal icon to at least 75 years. Learn more


40th anniversary

For its 40th anniversary, JCCBI is organizing a 40th Anniversary Symposium, which will consist of a half-day of five lectures from guest experts who will take attendees on a journey of the Corporation’s four decades of engineering innovation and major projects. Organized by the Association québécoise des transports (AQTr), this event is geared toward professionals in the engineering, transportation and mobility sectors.

The Jacques Cartier Bridge

A jewel of our heritage, the Jacques Cartier Bridge has been a fixture of the city’s skyline for 89 years.

The Champlain Bridge deconstruction project

Public launch of the Champlain Bridge deconstruction project. This major project will last approximately three years and includes different components that you can learn about in our technical data sheets on sustainable developmentenvironmental measuresmaterial reuseresearch and development and Héritage Champlain, which is a project to redevelop the shoreline and Champlain Bridge Estacade for recreational and commemorative purposes.

Bye Bye Champlain

On July 1st, 2019, JCCBI organized an historic event to mark the permanent closure of the original Champlain Bridge. For the occasion, a procession of three vintage cars dating back to 1962, the year of the bridge’s inauguration, transported people who have marked the history of the Champlain Bridge.