Meet Daniel Sylvain, Director New Champlain Bridge Corridor

7 November 2016

Since March 2016, JCCBI has had a new team member: Daniel Sylvain, Director, New Champlain Bridge Corridor (NCPC). Daniel got off to a fast start in his position, as right away he had two meetings with Signature on the Saint Lawrence (SSL) without even setting foot in our Île des Sœurs location, where he now has his own office.
Daniel never imagined he would have the job he has now, especially not in the bridge sector. His role for the Corporation is a bit unusual. Daniel’s job is mainly to facilitate labour relations and enforce the partnership agreement between the three parties working on the bridge: SSL (for the construction of the New Champlain Bridge Corridor), Infrastructure Canada and JCCBI. The construction of the new bridge and the rehabilitation of the existing bridge create big challenges for the Champlain Bridge sector. To make life easier for road users and waterfront residents, everyone must agree to and coordinate the closures required for the construction work. Daniel is the one who formalizes relations and fosters effective collaboration between our teams and the two other parties.
Since he wasn’t familiar with the employment sector for major structures, he had to get to know the lingo and best practices of the profession during very busy days. Fortunately, he now has help from his staff member, JCCBI engineer Jean-Pierre Bénard.
Before he got here, Daniel had solid experience under his belt. He worked for over 25 years at MDA, a company in Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue that specializes in the design, manufacturing and testing of space equipment. Over time, he climbed the corporate ladder to reach his new profession as project manager. He went back to school to get his master’s in project management and then built the company’s project management office from top to bottom. He did the exact same thing at every company he’s worked for over the past ten years. When you look at the full trajectory of his career, you can see that wherever he went, a new project office was born. Daniel strives to improve management practices through a true motivation for continuous improvement and constant learning.
This electrical engineering graduate has made great strides in his career and shows that a willingness to learn combined with a passion for what you do will take you anywhere you want to go.
JCCBI is proud to have Daniel on board, and he’s already processed about one hundred requests since he got here. He’s off to a great start!