Maxime Phaneuf helped put geomatics on the JCCBI map

27 February 2018

Attracted by large-scale projects at The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI), Maxime Phaneuf joined the Corporation in early 2013 as a geomatics coordinator. With his bachelor’s and master’s in geomatics, he was first put to work setting up the road closures and restrictions management system.

“What’s great about this project is that it involves everything I love, including geomatics and IT. Concretely applying concepts lets me take ownership of the process and better understand all the issues.”

This project, which Maxime is particularly proud of, helped launch the Corporation’s geomatics resources, which all JCCBI teams appreciate a great deal.

Following this great success, he spent the past year on project coordination. His biggest project right now is the Electronic Periodic Payment Request (EPPR) system that will improve the management of accounts payable. He will also help implement a software system for human resources management.

Outside work, Maxime’s family is what matters most to him. After he and his high-school sweetheart, Anne, got married, they had a house built in Iberville five minutes from where he grew up. Today, he is the very proud dad of two children aged 3 and 5.

“What’s most important to me is my family. My children are the best. They’re curious and well-behaved, even if they whine sometimes …just like their father” he said with a smile.

Sports are also important to Maxime. This former football player, who reached College Division III, defines himself as quite an athletic person. He works out regularly, runs, and has played soccer for several years at an advanced level.

“I coached my son’s soccer team last summer. It was really great to watch twelve little tykes run all over the field after the ball!” he added.

When asked about his goals, he said that, professionally, he would like to manage bigger and bigger projects, not in terms of budget but rather in terms of the impact on the Corporation.

In his personal life, his house and children take up a lot of his time, but he’s very happy and has a wonderful network. His family is always around, he has good friends, he loves his work, and he wants to continue playing sports and investing in the sports activities of his children. He’s fortunate to be healthy and in good shape, and he hopes everything stays that way.

Many people say that your projects, Maxime, have already had a positive impact on their daily work. Good luck and we wish you much happiness with your family!