Major projects for 2019

1 May 2019

Today, The Jacques Cartier and Champlain Bridges Incorporated (JCCBI) presented the work that it is planning to carry out in 2019 on all the infrastructure under its responsibility. Although many projects will start in the coming months, the levelling and repaving of the Jacques Cartier Bridge is a major program to watch out for. To minimize the impact on users, JCCBI is planning all work in coordination with other major projects in Greater Montreal.

“Beyond our goal to extend the service life and ensure the sustainability of our structures, mobility is one of our core concerns. That’s why our teams are working closely with all of our mobility partners,” said Sandra Martel, Engineer and Interim Chief Executive Officer of JCCBI. “To optimize our investments, JCCBI has adopted a proactive asset management approach. Thanks to detailed studies, diagnostics and applied research programs, we will gain a better understanding of our structures, identify current and future needs, and effectively plan our projects in order to minimize corrective or urgent work. This year, the planned investments on our structures total $ 274 million.”

Below is the main work that JCCBI is planning to carry out on its structures in the coming months.

Major work on the Jacques Cartier Bridge

In addition to work to improve the optical fibre network as well as concrete repairs, the two largest programs on the Jacques Cartier Bridge during the summer will include the major steel reinforcement and painting program as well as the levelling and repaving of the entire bridge and its approaches.

The steel reinforcement and painting work is a multi-year program being carried out in phases over the entire structure to extend the bridge’s lifespan to 150 years. The levelling and repaving of the bridge and its approaches will start in June, and preparatory work for this project will be done during weekend blitzes. The repaving work will be done during blitzes from Sunday to Tuesday during the construction holiday in addition to one weekend in August. There will be significant lane reductions and closures of the Parc Jean-Drapeau access ramps during this work.

Bonaventure Expressway 

This year, different types of maintenance work will be done on the Bonaventure Expressway notably repaving work that will be done during weekend blitzes. Night and weekend closures of access and exit ramps will also be required to complete this work.

Concrete repairs are also planned for which complete night closures of Hwy 10 East toward Champlain Bridge will be required, in addition to complete closure of Exit 2 (Pierre-Dupuy Ave) for 8 weeks.

Honoré Mercier Bridge

The maintenance programs on the Honoré Mercier Bridge will continue this year and will mainly include reinforcements to piers, painting of the steel structure, as well as the construction of an inspection platform and inspection work. The work will be mainly carried out under the structure and will only entail some night closures to the access ramps and traffic lanes. This work is being closely coordinated with the Ministère des Transports du Québec.

Melocheville Tunnel

Work in the Melocheville Tunnel will mainly consist of work on the electrical and control systems in addition to well maintenance and pumping. Some complete night closures of the tubes have been scheduled.

Champlain Bridge

All required reinforcement work on the Champlain Bridge has been done, and the bridge is therefore reinforced, monitored, stable and safe. It will be decommissioned after the opening of the new Samuel De Champlain Bridge, scheduled for June.

Deconstruction of the original Champlain Bridge

JCCBI is also preparing the deconstruction project of this 3.4 km structure, which includes various components: the deconstruction, environmental measures, material reuse, research and development, and the project to redevelop the sector. To learn more about the deconstruction project, the public is invited to attend information days that will be held on May 8, 9, 11 and 13. Plus from May 8 to June 30 inclusively, an online consultation period will be held on champlaindeconstruction.ca, where several fact sheets about the project’s main components can also be found.