Let’s all wish Yve Sigouin, JCCBI’s Director, Procurement, a wonderful retirement.

31 March 2017

The person we’re profiling this month is someone you will rarely—if ever—find these days. Yve Sigouin, JCCBI’s Director, Procurement, will celebrate his retirement on March 31 after 36 years and 10 months of excellent and loyal service to the Corporation. Yve can boast of something that few others can, as his long career includes working at a Champlain Bridge toll booth and holding down the fort during the ice storm that closed both the Jacques Cartier and Champlain bridges.

Yve indeed represents a slice of JCCBI history. While looking for a job all those years ago, he happened to apply as a toll collector on the Champlain Bridge. He has a clear memory of his first day of training on June 25, 1980, as he witnessed a truck accident right in front of his booth. He realized that, in his job, he had to focus not only on his tasks but his environment too. A naturally good-humoured person, he started a social club and gathered his co-workers for dinners and softball tournaments, where everyone developed friendships.

After four years on the job, he wanted a more stable schedule and so transferred to the Champlain Bridge’s Treasury Department. At the Longueuil head office, he held a series of positions, including cashier, payroll clerk, archive clerk, administrative services clerk, and procurement officer. In 2013, he became Director, Procurement.

All of his experience helped him understand the Corporation’s operations and the challenges of each department. His last month of work was by no means a relaxing one, as he had to welcome his successor (Christian Desmars), train him, and then hand over his duties in order to work on special projects.

You could say that Yve Sigouin has JCCBI tattooed on his heart, even after going through some difficult times, like the day he calls “Black Friday .” At 11:00 a.m. on Friday, May 4, 1990, Champlain Bridge employees learned that the toll would be closing that same day. When Yve found out, he immediately went to the bridge and saw the toll booths already being dismantled. It was an emotional day he’ll never forget.

Over the past 36 years, Yve has worked hard not only for JCCBI but for many other organizations, such as Hockey Québec, for which he sits on the Board of Directors, Hockey Canada, which lets him travel around the country, and the Ville de Montréal-Est, as a member of the urban planning committee. He keeps saying that he’ll keep going as long as he likes what he does.

This alumnus of Concordia University and HEC knows he’ll also keep very busy after March 31, but he’s feeling the excitement of his last day as if he were going on a long-awaited vacation.

Our highly qualified staff have helped the Corporation change for the better. Yve is hopeful for our future and will definitely stop by to say hello when he can. We’ll also remember all the good times we spent with him at Place Charles-Le Moyne .

We wish you all the best for your retirement, Yve, and see you around soon!